Tuesday, 20 September 2016

2017 Season Shaping Up....

Early Season Tour Preview

Readers of Boxwood News are the first to learn the garden tour destinations for early 2017:

'Hortus goes to Marrakech' with David Wheeler of Hortus,  2-7 April

'Gardens of Mallorca' with David Wheeler & Sally Beale,  23-28 April

'Essential Sicily: Syracuse to Taormina' with Rachel Lamb & Patty Shone,  15-20 May

'Gardens of the Italian Lakes' with Helen Yemm of the Telegraph,  5-10 May

'Gardens of Sussex & Kent', a new 'Boxwood Easy Access' tour with Sophieke Piebenga,  1-5 June

'Gardens of the Welsh Borders' with Stephen Anderton of The Times,  26 - 30 June

'A Norfolk Weekend' with Helen Yemm of the Telegraph,  1-3 July

'Made in Denmark' with David Wheeler of Hortus and Greg Kobett,  7-11 July

Full details will be available on the Boxwood Tours Web Site from early October, arriving by post the week or so after.

Meanwhile, do get in touch if any of these tours are of interest: tour prices are the very last details to be set before publication, but other details, especially dates, are often finalised earlier.

Telephone the Boxwood Office on 01341 241717 or email: mail@boxwoodtours.co.uk

Thursday, 11 August 2016

STOP PRESS: Tuscany Tour

Tuscan Gold: Villa la Foce
We are pleased to announce the itinerary for the 'Tuscan Gold' tour in September now includes a visit to Villa la Foce, an enchanting, twentieth-century garden designed by Cecil Pinsent for author and historian Iris Origo. The garden is a striking example of Pinsent’s ability to combine Italian baroque features with English Arts & Crafts style. There are currently 18 persons booked on this tour; still time to book subject to hotel availability.

Season of Mellow Fruitfulness
Autumn harvest is a feature of West Dean in West Sussex who hold a series of annual festivals based on the harvest of tomato, chilli, and apples. La Bourdaisière grows 650 cultivars of tomatoes, with a now famous annual 'Festival de la Tomate'. At Villandry, also in the Loire, vegetables are used in grand scale parterre work, pumpkins in orderly sets ripening in the sun. Vegetables & fruit are grown in a decorative way for the kitchen at Prieuré Notre-Dame d'Orsan

Again, it may not be too late to join these tours, subject to hotel availability: 'Gardens of a Golden Afternoon' tour of Sussex & Kent'; 'Gardens of the Val de Loire', September 16th.

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Great Dixter Plant Fair
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October 2016, 11am-4pm
Specialist nurseries from the UK and Europe
Helenium & Miscanthus at Gt Dixter
Nurseries include:
Tuingoed Foltz from The Netherlands
Cotswold Garden Flowers
De Hessenhof from The Netherlands
Laurels Nursery
Chris Ghyselen from Belgium
Phoenix Perennial Plants
Knoll Gardens
F comme Fleurs from France
Dyson’s Nurseries
Kevin Hughes
Binny Plants from Edinburgh
Mill Cottage
Arborealis Kwekerij from The Netherlands
Copton Ash
and the nursery of our Patron, Beth Chatto

Talks will be given by the nurserymen at intervals.

For more information, click the following links:
'Great Dixter Plant Fair'
'Gardens of a Golden Afternoon' Tour

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Monty Don's French Gardens

Le Prieuré d'Orsan

A chance to view again a clip of Monty Don's introduction to the superb gardens of Le Prieuré d'Orsan, featured in the September tour of the Loire & Berry region of France:

Traveller Comments: Gardens of Loire & Berry 2015

'All surpassed my expectations. Lovely to go as a small party to private gardens and to be shown round by owners. The home grown lunches and one evening meal were an unexpected treat.....'

'All excellent: would love to go again on a different tour.....'

'Patty, the tour leader, was excellent. Very friendly, very kind to me, very efficient. She made all the diference in the holiday from my point of view. Maite was excellent too. Very knowledgeable in horticulture....'

'Lunches in gardens were a surprise and superb.....'

'Patty Shone was excellent especially regarding individual dietary needs: she looked after us so well. Maite Delmas gave excellent background information and answers to botanical questions. They both made the tour a great success.....'

'Found the personal chat with Boxwood staff very reassuring especially as I was a little anxious about being on my own.....'

'Particularly nice group.....'

There are still a few places remaining on this tour with time to book before September departureGardens of Loire & Berry 2016.

Thursday, 30 June 2016


Columbine Hall
Overseas Bookings               
'It's an ill-wind that blows nobody any good.....' is the saying: we have received a flurry of bookings from overseas travellers after the British referendum resulted in a strengthening of the value of the US dollar against sterling.

Autumn Tours: 'Back to Back' Offer...
Boxwood Tours is  helping travellers with travel & accommodation between the following late season garden tours:

THE TELEGRAPH goes to the Loire Sept. 16-21

COUNTRY LIFE goes to Tuscany, Sept. 22-26

GARDENS OF A GOLDEN AFTERNOON: Autumnal Sussex & Kent, Sept. 28-2nd Oct.

Do contact the Boxwood Office for further information:

Telephone: +44 (0)1341 241 717; Email: mail@boxwoodtours.co.uk

June Tours: Traveller Comments

'We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Noel Kingsbury & Jo were excellent leaders, as was the local guide, Joanne...' (Gardens Illustrated Alsace, plus Belgium Tours, 2016)

'Thank you for the Belgium and Alsace tours, both of which were wonderful....'  (Gardens Illustrated Alsace, plus Belgium Tours, 2016)

'The selection of gardens was really outstanding....' (Gardens Illustrated Alsace, plus Belgium Tours, 2016)

'Every garden had at least some really good ideas or combinations or handling of certain problems. Some were breathtaking...'  (Gardens Illustrated Alsace, 2016)

'The variety & size of the gardens made for a very interesting tour....' (Belgium, 2016)

'(Sue): what a delight it was to meet you after all these years; you are running a remarkable organisation.....' (Belgium, 2016)

'(No improvements) worth suggesting: you are so 'on the ball' already....' (Belgium, 2016)

'(No improvements to suggest): an excellent first tour!'   (Belgium, 2016)

'Of course we keep booking the tours because they are so enjoyable, but they have also been a real education and reference library for us as we try to develop our own garden....' (Belgium, 2016)

'Super gardens and even the places I felt dubious about turned out to be wonderful.....' (Belgium, 2016)

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tour Linking...

Autumn Tours: 'Back to Back' Offer...
Villa di Geggiano

Boxwood Tours is able to help with travel & accommodation between any of the following late season garden tours:
Do contact the Boxwood Office for further information:
Telephone: +44 (0)1341 241 717; Email: mail@boxwoodtours.co.uk


May Tours: Traveller Comments

'An enormous variety which was part of the charm of this tour....' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'It was a very good, varied programme; full of interest & delight.....' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'First time with Boxwood: I was pleased & impressed.....' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'Good selection of gardens; Lunches in the gardens were superb..... (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'A good selection and variety (of gardens) with some having amazing views of the coastline......' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'All very well organised. Tour guides were very helpful & friendly.....' (Telegraph Naples, May 2016)
'You could not ask for anything more....!' (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'All 1st class.....' (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'Just brilliant. Absolutely thrilled with everything. Thank you.... (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'Would not fault anything - so grateful for the whole experience.....' (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'I was in heaven and appreciated so much the guidance of Jenny & Patti.... '(Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)
'This was my 1st tour of any kind and I was very impressed by the whole presentation: thank you.....' (Country Life: Italian Lakes, May 2016)

Friday, 13 May 2016

Late Cancellations

Peter Wibroe Garden
Due to late cancellation, Boxwood Tours can once again offer limited space on the Hortus goes to Denmark tour that has proved very attractive this season, fully booked by the beginning of February. Click the link for details: Hortus goes to Denmark

April Tours: Traveller Comments
We encourage as much traveller feedback as possible - both positive & critical - to guide future tour planning. So, it is very gratifying to read comments like these received from travellers returned from April tours:

'A very enjoyable few days!'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Top score: our driver was lovely, so calm and smiling. Gerald Luckhurst was wonderful; so much info.; always ready to answer. David was superb: calm but organising us!' (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Lovely to hear Christine Blandy's introduction to her garden and Patrick Garton was AMAZING. I was very interested in the wild mountain areas also.....'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'As ever - spot on…...' (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Just continue what you're doing. So well researched & organised.....'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Keep going to unusual places!....'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'Boxwood Team: Outstanding!'  (Hortus goes to Madeira, 2016)
'I really enjoyed this tour in all aspects: hotel, guides, tour leaders, and all gardens.....' (Times Cornwall 2016)
'The hotel was exceptional with very helpful staff and we visited an interesting mix of gardens....' (Times Cornwall 2016)
'It was interesting to have lunch on these occasions with the owners of the gardens.....'  (Times Cornwall 2016)
'All the gardens were very interesting and the variety was good....'  (Times Cornwall 2016)
Boxwood Tours welcomes all comments to guide on-going development of our service.